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Southern Caribbean Cruise {St. Thomas, St. Kitts, St. Maarten, Dominica & Barbados}


SO excited to share this post with you! Tim and I had the chance to take a Southern Caribbean cruise a few weeks ago, and it was all kinds of amazing. We went with Royal Caribbean, and chose our ship based on the destinations we would get to see. Our ship took us to 5 different islands: St. Thomas, St. Kitts, St. Maarten, Dominica, and Barbados, and we had one day at sea. We flew out of Puerto Rico, and had perfect weather the whole time! We did NOT miss the snow storms that hit Ohio while we were gone ;) This trip came at a perfect time for us (we actually booked it pretty last minute – yay for buy one, get one half off deals!), but it was such a time of rejuvenation and restoration, along with some big, fat doses of Vitamin D, that we were in desperate need of ;) RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1146 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1147 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1148 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1149 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1150 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1151

The island of St. Thomas was absolutely stunning. One of our favorite ones of the entire week! We tried to do a lot of research before-hand through TripAdvisor so that we could avoid the crowds and the high costs of the ships excursions, and it paid off! We took a taxi ride to Magen’s Bay (which does cost a small fee to enter), but was totally worth it. Calm waters, white sand, and a fairly uncrowded beach, compared to the others that we passed. RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1153 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1154 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1155 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1156 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1157

On our way back from Magen’s Bay, we made a short stop at Udder Delite – the MOST AMAZING milkshake place ever. Our good friends had been there the year before and recommended it to us, and we are so glad we made the stop! It’s a fairly small place, but I promise you it’s worth every penny :) It was a great end to our beach day!RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1158 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1159 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1160 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1161 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1162 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1163

The next day we were docked at St. Kitts. Can we talk about how gorgeous the water is??! I really didn’t edit this pictures a lot to preserve the colors of the Caribbean. So breathtaking!


Also, we had to document the ‘man-bun’ that Tim rocked for the week…. I have mixed feelings about it. ;) RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1165 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1166 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1167 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1168 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1169

And that was about all we saw of St. Kitts! We didn’t want to pay a lot of money to get to another beach, and it was super windy that day, so we decided to stay on the ship, after we walked around town. RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1170 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1171 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1172

Tim had to try the rock wall, of course :) He set a record for how fast he made it up and down! You can tell he’s a Colorado man ;)RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1173 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1174 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1175 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1176 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1177

The next day we docked at St. Maarten. It’s known for its duty-free shopping, and SO MANY tourists. We were advised that it was worth it to take a taxi to a more remote beach, so we did just that! We took a taxi to Mullet Bay, which is just past Maho Beach (one of the most popular beaches). Maho is located right next to an airport, so planes literally fly right over people to land and take off – it’s pretty crazy!! But we didn’t feel like being blown over and having sand whipped in our faces, so we chose Mullet, which was definitely more calm and relaxing ;) If you find yourself in St. Maarten, you definitely need to check out Maho though, even if it’s from a cab (which is what we did). It’s a crazy experience! Mullet Bay was beautiful, but it filled up fast. Make sure to get there early and save your seat in the front row! Another thing to note – the tide is STRONG. What you can’t tell from this picture is that the sand drops off into the ocean, and becomes deep fast. I wanted to wade in to get my feet wet, and the current took my feet out from under me and pulled me in three times in a row! Needless to say, I lost my sunglasses, inhaled a LOT of sea water, and put on a great show for people on the beach ;) Lesson learned! Tim loved the waves, but I stayed on the sand for the majority of our time ;)RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1178 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1179

Also, most beaches you visit will have you pay for chair rentals. To avoid this, I brought my floatie with me! It doubled as a chair to read in, and a bed to float on in the ocean ;) And it was only $5 at Wal-Mart! Totally worth it! :) RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1180 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1181 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1182

Our next stop was the island of Dominica (not Dominican Republic, as I originally thought..haha) This was Tim’s favorite island, and it was absolutely stunning. Over 50% of the island is preserved national rain forest, and Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3 were filmed here! To fully take advantage of all the sites of the island, we booked a 6 hour excursion through Trip Advisor. Best decision ever. We went with Nautre Isle Explorer Day Tours (Jewel Tour), and Marvin was our tour guide. He was awesome!!! We learned so much about the history of the island through him, since he was born and raised there. We had a fairly small group of people that went with us, and one of the guys we met was kind enough to send us some of the pictures he took during the day. Most of these were taken on his phone, and they are SO good!!! So, David, if you’re reading this – THANK YOU! You’re the best :) 0304150901

The first stop on the tour was Champagne Reef. The island is actually an active volcano, so our guide took us to a small bay to snorkel where you could see how Champagne Reef gets its name.  The water temperature over the vents found throughout the reef can reach 90 degrees, making the sea floor warm to the touch, and the constant bubbling of gasses from the bottom of the sea floor rising up makes it look like you are snorkeling through a sea of champagne! (Of course, this is what Tim told me, since snorkeling and I don’t mix too well ;)


After we stopped at an overlook of the city, we went to our next destination: Titou Gorge (where scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed!). The picture below shows where Tim jumped from to get into the Gorge. (I, of course swam in ;) Marvin led our group through the river cavern that you see below. It was freezing cold, but so gorgeous.


After we swam for a while, we came too a small waterfall: (image taken from Google – our cameras didn’t work so well for this part ;)

Marvin had us all climb UP the waterfall, and then jump back off of it into the river! Probably the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life. While the waterfall looks small, it was very powerful, and the current was strong! But I’m proud to say we both did it!!! After that the current brings you back to the entrance of the Gorge.

After that adventure, we headed to Trafalgar Falls, with the ‘Father and Mother’ falls, as Marvin called them ;)0304151515

Right below the falls were hot spring pools that we got to relax in for the end of the tour. It’s crazy to me that we could go from ice-cold water in the Gorge to warm volcanic mineral water, after just a short drive. It was a great, relaxing way to end our excursion! 0304151538b

Our last island was Barbados, which was my personal favorite. It’s a British island, so everyone we met sounded like my mum, with their accents ;) We booked a lunch catamaran cruise with Cool Runnings, and loved our experience with them! There were a lot of people on the catamaran, but it was fairly large, and I had the top deck all to myself to sun bathe ;) We made three stops: the first was to snorkel with sea turtles, which Tim loved! Here’s a picture he got with the GoPro:


Then a second snorkeling stop to see a ship wreck, and finally a stop at a private beach where they served a delicious lunch buffet!! RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1183 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1184

The view from our top deck ;) Not a bad shot for a Gopro!DCIM101GOPRORoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1189

LOOK AT THAT WATER. I promise this shot is barely edited. It was unreal!RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1190

This was another Cool Runnings catamaran that pulled in with us. At the end of the cruise they crank the music and have a dance party! Even though we are terrible dancers, we loved it :)RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1191 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1192

Friday was our last day, and we were at sea as we traveled back to Puerto Rico. We loved lounging by the pools, and played a lot of shuffleboard! (Getting warmed up for our retirement days ;) RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1193 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1194 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1195 RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1197

Oh, and we also did karoake almost every night ;) Here is Tim closing down the night with the final song: ‘Larger than Life’ by the Backstreet Boys. Everyone LOVED it!!! RoyalCaribbeanSouthernCaribbeanCruisePhotography2015_1198

I grabbed a few GoPro shots on our last night to try to capture some of the ship’s architecture. We were on the Jewel of the Seas, and it was gorgeous! Here is a look at the main centrum, where they had bands play each night – the last night was jazz! Our favorite!DCIM101GOPRO

And a view of where we spent a lot of our time…the main dining room ;) Our server knew us so well that on the last night he brought us out 2 desserts each, without us even asking! I guess he knew that we were fatties and had every intention of taking advantage of the ‘all-inclusive’ food service ;) DCIM101GOPROHope you enjoyed a sneak peek into our time away, and that maybe it encouraged you to check out a cruise sometime soon! We loved it!



Best of 2014 {Portraits}


Happy Friday! Another long overdue post, but I wanted to share some of my favorite images from my portrait sessions this past year.  I’ve really come to love photographing seniors – especially those that are creative! I got to explore abandoned buildings, shoot a vintage pick-up truck, and chase the light with some amazing people, and I can’t wait to share some of those memories with you today! Thank you to each person that asked me to do a portrait session this year. Thank you for trusting me, allowing me to be creative, and for being such killer models!! Couldn’t have asked for more :) 2014PortraitFavorites_1077 2014PortraitFavorites_1078 2014PortraitFavorites_1079 2014PortraitFavorites_1080 2014PortraitFavorites_1081 2014PortraitFavorites_1082 2014PortraitFavorites_1083 2014PortraitFavorites_1084 2014PortraitFavorites_1085 2014PortraitFavorites_1086 2014PortraitFavorites_1087 2014PortraitFavorites_1088 2014PortraitFavorites_1089 2014PortraitFavorites_1090 2014PortraitFavorites_1091 2014PortraitFavorites_1092 2014PortraitFavorites_1093 2014PortraitFavorites_1094 2014PortraitFavorites_1095 2014PortraitFavorites_1096 2014PortraitFavorites_1097 2014PortraitFavorites_1098 2014PortraitFavorites_1099 2014PortraitFavorites_1100 2014PortraitFavorites_1101 2014PortraitFavorites_1102 2014PortraitFavorites_1103 2014PortraitFavorites_1104 2014PortraitFavorites_1105 2014PortraitFavorites_1106 2014PortraitFavorites_1107 2014PortraitFavorites_1108 2014PortraitFavorites_1109 2014PortraitFavorites_1110 2014PortraitFavorites_1111 2014PortraitFavorites_1112 2014PortraitFavorites_1113 2014PortraitFavorites_11142014PortraitFavorites_1136 2014PortraitFavorites_1115 2014PortraitFavorites_1116 2014PortraitFavorites_1117 2014PortraitFavorites_1118 2014PortraitFavorites_1119 2014PortraitFavorites_1120 2014PortraitFavorites_1121 2014PortraitFavorites_1122 2014PortraitFavorites_1123 2014PortraitFavorites_1124 2014PortraitFavorites_1125 2014PortraitFavorites_1126 2014PortraitFavorites_1127 2014PortraitFavorites_1128 2014PortraitFavorites_1129 2014PortraitFavorites_1130 2014PortraitFavorites_1131 2014PortraitFavorites_1132 2014PortraitFavorites_1133 2014PortraitFavorites_1134 2014PortraitFavorites_1135 2014PortraitFavorites_1137 2014PortraitFavorites_1138 2014PortraitFavorites_1139

Best of 2014 {Couples}


In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing my most favorite images from my couples sessions in 2014!! Many of these specific shots were chosen not necessarily for their quality or crispness or perfect lighting, but rather I picked images that evoke emotion and give you a glimpse into the personalities of the couples. The goal of my photography is to be relationship-driven: from the first initial meeting with my clients to capturing their joy on their wedding day, I want it to be authentic and genuine and truly a time when they can relax and enjoy photographs being taken. I feel like I was able to improve with that this year, and I love seeing so much laughter and excitement as I scroll through this post. Hopefully you will see it too :) Happy Valentines Day, friends! 2014CouplesFavorites_0943 2014CouplesFavorites_0944 2014CouplesFavorites_0945 2014CouplesFavorites_0946 2014CouplesFavorites_0947 2014CouplesFavorites_0948 2014CouplesFavorites_0949 2014CouplesFavorites_0950 2014CouplesFavorites_0951 2014CouplesFavorites_0952 2014CouplesFavorites_0953 2014CouplesFavorites_0954 2014CouplesFavorites_0955 2014CouplesFavorites_0956 2014CouplesFavorites_0957 2014CouplesFavorites_0958 2014CouplesFavorites_0959 2014CouplesFavorites_0960 2014CouplesFavorites_0961 2014CouplesFavorites_0962 2014CouplesFavorites_0963 2014CouplesFavorites_0964 2014CouplesFavorites_0965 2014CouplesFavorites_0966 2014CouplesFavorites_0967 2014CouplesFavorites_0968 2014CouplesFavorites_0969 2014CouplesFavorites_0970 2014CouplesFavorites_0971 2014CouplesFavorites_0972 2014CouplesFavorites_0973 2014CouplesFavorites_0974 2014CouplesFavorites_0975 2014CouplesFavorites_0976 2014CouplesFavorites_0977 2014CouplesFavorites_0978 2014CouplesFavorites_0979 2014CouplesFavorites_0980 2014CouplesFavorites_0981 2014CouplesFavorites_0982 2014CouplesFavorites_0983 2014CouplesFavorites_0984 2014CouplesFavorites_0985 2014CouplesFavorites_0986 2014CouplesFavorites_0987 2014CouplesFavorites_0988 2014CouplesFavorites_0989 2014CouplesFavorites_0990 2014CouplesFavorites_0991 2014CouplesFavorites_0992 2014CouplesFavorites_0993 2014CouplesFavorites_0994 2014CouplesFavorites_0995 2014CouplesFavorites_0996 2014CouplesFavorites_0997 2014CouplesFavorites_0998 2014CouplesFavorites_0999 2014CouplesFavorites_1000 2014CouplesFavorites_1001 2014CouplesFavorites_1002 2014CouplesFavorites_1003 2014CouplesFavorites_1004 2014CouplesFavorites_1005 2014CouplesFavorites_1006 2014CouplesFavorites_1007 2014CouplesFavorites_1008 2014CouplesFavorites_1009 2014CouplesFavorites_1010 2014CouplesFavorites_1011 2014CouplesFavorites_1012 2014CouplesFavorites_1013 2014CouplesFavorites_1014 2014CouplesFavorites_10152014CouplesFavorites_1017 2014CouplesFavorites_10162014CouplesFavorites_1018 2014CouplesFavorites_1019 2014CouplesFavorites_1020 2014CouplesFavorites_1021 2014CouplesFavorites_1022 2014CouplesFavorites_1023 2014CouplesFavorites_1024 2014CouplesFavorites_1025 2014CouplesFavorites_1026