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The Dearden Family {Dayton, Ohio Maternity Photography}


These sweet friends. We could not be more excited for them and the quickly approaching arrival of their precious baby girl! The Deardens were the first couple to ever take a chance on Chloe Luka Photography, and it was awesome to capture such an amazing time in their lives. They are so natural in front of the camera and I always love spending time with them, so it was a win/win for me ;) Enjoy this look into our time together a few months ago!!

DeardenMaternity_0550 DeardenMaternity_0551

Just look at those gorgeous leaves!! I miss those fall colors!DeardenMaternity_0553 DeardenMaternity_0554 DeardenMaternity_0555 DeardenMaternity_0556 DeardenMaternity_0557 DeardenMaternity_0558 DeardenMaternity_0559 DeardenMaternity_0560 DeardenMaternity_0561 DeardenMaternity_0562 DeardenMaternity_0563 DeardenMaternity_0564 DeardenMaternity_0565 DeardenMaternity_0566

Such a stunning mommy-to-be!DeardenMaternity_0568

They were such troopers. Even though it rained on us several times, they still rocked it!!DeardenMaternity_0567 DeardenMaternity_0569 DeardenMaternity_0570 DeardenMaternity_0571

Matt requested some of these walking and talking pictures, and I love how they came out!! Captures their personalities perfectly :)DeardenMaternity_0572DeardenMaternity_0574 DeardenMaternity_0573DeardenMaternity_0576 DeardenMaternity_0575

We went back to their apartment to warm up after the session, and Rach was gracious enough to let me experiment with some more lifestyle-type maternity photography :) DeardenMaternity_0577DeardenMaternity_0580 DeardenMaternity_0578DeardenMaternity_0581 DeardenMaternity_0579 DeardenMaternity_0582


Jacob {Senior}



I was excited and a little nervous when Jacob’s mom contacted me about doing his senior pictures. I know it’s not every guy’s dream to get dressed up and have a camera in front of his face all day, but Jake totally blew me away and handled it like a pro! He even suggested taking some pictures at the golf course where he works and spends most of his free time. I loved that it was unique and personal to him, and we had PERFECT weather for it! Also as an added bonus, he drove me around in a golf cart for the entire shoot, so it really doesn’t get much better than that. :) Hope you enjoy this preview of our time together! JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0366 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0367 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0368 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0369 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0370 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0371

He rocked the serious pose AND the smiling shots!! Such a pro. JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0372 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0373 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0374 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0375 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0376 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0377 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0378 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0379 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0380 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0381 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0382 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0383 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0384

I don’t know much about golf, but his dad said he has perfect form..and I think this ^^ picture proves it! JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0385 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0386 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0387 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0388 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0389 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0390 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0391 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0392 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0393 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0394 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0395 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0396 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0397 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0398 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0399 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0400 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0401 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0402

Voltz Baby Shower {Dayton, Ohio Event Photography}


So many of my friends are having babies!!! As a result, I am learning to become a better baby shower photographer and decorater ;) It was so fun to help out with Grace’s baby shower and be able to document some of the memories at the event. It came in perfect timing as well, since little Eli made a very early arrival and we were able to meet him the very next week!! Stay tuned for a lifestyle family session with the Voltz’s…you won’t want to miss that one coming soon :) For now enjoy a glimpse of our little celebration for sweet Eli! :)

BanksFamilyShoot_0209 BanksFamilyShoot_0210 BanksFamilyShoot_0211 BanksFamilyShoot_0212 BanksFamilyShoot_0213 BanksFamilyShoot_0214 BanksFamilyShoot_0215 BanksFamilyShoot_0216 BanksFamilyShoot_0217 BanksFamilyShoot_0218

A few baby shower games..Heidi did a great job with these! Up first: baby bowling! BanksFamilyShoot_0219 BanksFamilyShoot_0220 BanksFamilyShoot_0221

Second game : A minute to win it! BanksFamilyShoot_0222 BanksFamilyShoot_0223

Little Eli is very loved already :) BanksFamilyShoot_0224 BanksFamilyShoot_0225

Game 3: Spit the pacifier! Definitely my favorite to document ;) BanksFamilyShoot_0226

And game 4: Make a baby! (with play dough ;) BanksFamilyShoot_0227 BanksFamilyShoot_0228 BanksFamilyShoot_0229 BanksFamilyShoot_0230 BanksFamilyShoot_0231 BanksFamilyShoot_0232 BanksFamilyShoot_0233

So amazing. One of the pastor’s wives at our church is INCREDIBLE at quilting and hand-made this quilt for Eli!!! BanksFamilyShoot_0235

Both Grace and Chris’s moms drove several hours to be there to share in the festivities :) So sweet! BanksFamilyShoot_0236

Isn’t she glowing? Such a beautiful mommy to be :) BanksFamilyShoot_0238 BanksFamilyShoot_0239