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Emily & Jake {Dayton, Ohio Wedding Photography}



From the bride….”Jake and I have been waiting for each other for over 8 years now. We’ve been longing for our wedding day since we’ve met each other. Our vision for this wedding is a joyful celebration of all the ways the Lord has blessed us in our past relationship and a day of thankfulness for finally allowing us to be married. Neither one of us truly believed that our wedding would ever come; the day itself will be an accumulation of 8 years of anticipation! I can’t even imagine how happy we’ll be after we say “I do!”

And she was right — from the beginning to the end of their wedding day, Jake and Emily were overjoyed, and it showed! I’ve never seen such an emotional groom – it was so obvious that he loves Emily with his whole heart and soul, and he couldn’t help but cry when he saw her for the first time, and said his vows to her because his heart was overflowing. It was an absolutely beautiful thing to witness, and I was wiping away tears at many points throughout their day! Also, I’m convinced that Emily is a real-life Disney princess because animals followed her around ALL day! I kept waiting for the birds to start chirping a song to her and landing on her shoulder. It honestly wouldn’t have surprised me! So be on the look out for some animal friends throughout these images ;) Jake and Emily, thank you for allowing us to capture these intimate, authentic images of your wedding day. You two have a once in a lifetime kind of love, and it’s incredibly inspiring to all those who know you. Love you both and wish you only the best!
BirminghamWedding_1512 BirminghamWedding_1513 BirminghamWedding_1514 BirminghamWedding_1515 BirminghamWedding_1516 BirminghamWedding_1517 BirminghamWedding_1518 BirminghamWedding_1519 BirminghamWedding_1520 BirminghamWedding_1521 BirminghamWedding_1522 BirminghamWedding_1523 BirminghamWedding_1524 BirminghamWedding_1525 BirminghamWedding_1526 BirminghamWedding_1527 BirminghamWedding_1528 BirminghamWedding_1529 BirminghamWedding_1530 BirminghamWedding_1531 BirminghamWedding_1532 BirminghamWedding_1533 BirminghamWedding_1534 BirminghamWedding_1535 BirminghamWedding_1536 BirminghamWedding_1537 BirminghamWedding_1538 BirminghamWedding_1539 BirminghamWedding_1540 BirminghamWedding_1541 BirminghamWedding_1542 BirminghamWedding_1543 BirminghamWedding_1544

This was the moment! Their first kiss EVERRRR! So exciting :) BirminghamWedding_1545 BirminghamWedding_1546 BirminghamWedding_1547 BirminghamWedding_1548 BirminghamWedding_1549 BirminghamWedding_1550 BirminghamWedding_1551 BirminghamWedding_1552 BirminghamWedding_1553

BirminghamWedding_1554 BirminghamWedding_1555 BirminghamWedding_1556 BirminghamWedding_1557 BirminghamWedding_1558 BirminghamWedding_1559 BirminghamWedding_1560 BirminghamWedding_1561 BirminghamWedding_1562 BirminghamWedding_1563 BirminghamWedding_1564 BirminghamWedding_1565 BirminghamWedding_1566 BirminghamWedding_1567 BirminghamWedding_1568 BirminghamWedding_1569 BirminghamWedding_1570 BirminghamWedding_1571 BirminghamWedding_1572 BirminghamWedding_1573 BirminghamWedding_1574 BirminghamWedding_1575 BirminghamWedding_1576 BirminghamWedding_1577

Not sure how a groomsmen managed to have a battery hidden in his suit, but when that happens, you have to document it!BirminghamWedding_1578 BirminghamWedding_1579 BirminghamWedding_1580 BirminghamWedding_1581 BirminghamWedding_1582 BirminghamWedding_1583 BirminghamWedding_1584 BirminghamWedding_1585 BirminghamWedding_1586 BirminghamWedding_1587

OK, does it get more precious than this? Tears were streaming down his face as he said his vows to his bride :)BirminghamWedding_1588 BirminghamWedding_1589 BirminghamWedding_1590 BirminghamWedding_1591 BirminghamWedding_1592 BirminghamWedding_1593 BirminghamWedding_1594 BirminghamWedding_1595 BirminghamWedding_1596 BirminghamWedding_1597 BirminghamWedding_1598

As I was shooting these bridal portraits of Emily, I happened to glance over and catch this look on Jake’s face. Total admiration and love for his new wife. You’d better believe I was crying behind the camera for this one!! BirminghamWedding_1599 BirminghamWedding_1600 BirminghamWedding_1601 BirminghamWedding_1602 BirminghamWedding_1603 BirminghamWedding_1604 BirminghamWedding_1605 BirminghamWedding_1606 BirminghamWedding_1607

BirminghamWedding_1608 BirminghamWedding_1609 BirminghamWedding_1610 BirminghamWedding_1611 BirminghamWedding_1612 BirminghamWedding_1613 BirminghamWedding_1614 BirminghamWedding_1615 BirminghamWedding_1616 BirminghamWedding_1617 BirminghamWedding_1618 BirminghamWedding_1619 BirminghamWedding_1620 BirminghamWedding_1621 BirminghamWedding_1622 BirminghamWedding_1623 BirminghamWedding_1624 BirminghamWedding_1625 BirminghamWedding_1626 BirminghamWedding_1627 BirminghamWedding_1628 BirminghamWedding_1629

This was also a first – the groomsmen bought a fish and put it in the front seat of the getaway car for the bride and groom! BirminghamWedding_1630 BirminghamWedding_1631



Thank you to the amazing vendors that made this day possible:

Wedding Dress – Private designer at Lillian’s Bridal (937-433-4494)
Florist – Furst Florist (
Ceremony Venue: Covenant Presbyterian Church (,
Reception Venue: Kohler Presidential Center (
DJ: Taylor King (
Cake: Cakes for All Occasions (937-754-0804)
Catering: Kohler Presidential Center Catering
Bridesmaids Dresses: JCPenney (
Groomsmen and Groom Attire: Men’s Wearhouse Rentals (
Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas (
Favors: “Watch Our Love Grow” seed packets
Harpist: Cinamin Peppo