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Chloe Luka Photography has moved from Ohio to Indiana, and has also moved to a new blog and website! You can find us by following this link:

Thank you so much for continuing to follow along with our journey! We look forward to hearing from you soon :)


Best of 2014 {Portraits}


Happy Friday! Another long overdue post, but I wanted to share some of my favorite images from my portrait sessions this past year.  I’ve really come to love photographing seniors – especially those that are creative! I got to explore abandoned buildings, shoot a vintage pick-up truck, and chase the light with some amazing people, and I can’t wait to share some of those memories with you today! Thank you to each person that asked me to do a portrait session this year. Thank you for trusting me, allowing me to be creative, and for being such killer models!! Couldn’t have asked for more :) 2014PortraitFavorites_1077 2014PortraitFavorites_1078 2014PortraitFavorites_1079 2014PortraitFavorites_1080 2014PortraitFavorites_1081 2014PortraitFavorites_1082 2014PortraitFavorites_1083 2014PortraitFavorites_1084 2014PortraitFavorites_1085 2014PortraitFavorites_1086 2014PortraitFavorites_1087 2014PortraitFavorites_1088 2014PortraitFavorites_1089 2014PortraitFavorites_1090 2014PortraitFavorites_1091 2014PortraitFavorites_1092 2014PortraitFavorites_1093 2014PortraitFavorites_1094 2014PortraitFavorites_1095 2014PortraitFavorites_1096 2014PortraitFavorites_1097 2014PortraitFavorites_1098 2014PortraitFavorites_1099 2014PortraitFavorites_1100 2014PortraitFavorites_1101 2014PortraitFavorites_1102 2014PortraitFavorites_1103 2014PortraitFavorites_1104 2014PortraitFavorites_1105 2014PortraitFavorites_1106 2014PortraitFavorites_1107 2014PortraitFavorites_1108 2014PortraitFavorites_1109 2014PortraitFavorites_1110 2014PortraitFavorites_1111 2014PortraitFavorites_1112 2014PortraitFavorites_1113 2014PortraitFavorites_11142014PortraitFavorites_1136 2014PortraitFavorites_1115 2014PortraitFavorites_1116 2014PortraitFavorites_1117 2014PortraitFavorites_1118 2014PortraitFavorites_1119 2014PortraitFavorites_1120 2014PortraitFavorites_1121 2014PortraitFavorites_1122 2014PortraitFavorites_1123 2014PortraitFavorites_1124 2014PortraitFavorites_1125 2014PortraitFavorites_1126 2014PortraitFavorites_1127 2014PortraitFavorites_1128 2014PortraitFavorites_1129 2014PortraitFavorites_1130 2014PortraitFavorites_1131 2014PortraitFavorites_1132 2014PortraitFavorites_1133 2014PortraitFavorites_1134 2014PortraitFavorites_1135 2014PortraitFavorites_1137 2014PortraitFavorites_1138 2014PortraitFavorites_1139

Jacob {Senior}



I was excited and a little nervous when Jacob’s mom contacted me about doing his senior pictures. I know it’s not every guy’s dream to get dressed up and have a camera in front of his face all day, but Jake totally blew me away and handled it like a pro! He even suggested taking some pictures at the golf course where he works and spends most of his free time. I loved that it was unique and personal to him, and we had PERFECT weather for it! Also as an added bonus, he drove me around in a golf cart for the entire shoot, so it really doesn’t get much better than that. :) Hope you enjoy this preview of our time together! JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0366 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0367 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0368 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0369 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0370 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0371

He rocked the serious pose AND the smiling shots!! Such a pro. JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0372 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0373 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0374 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0375 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0376 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0377 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0378 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0379 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0380 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0381 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0382 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0383 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0384

I don’t know much about golf, but his dad said he has perfect form..and I think this ^^ picture proves it! JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0385 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0386 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0387 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0388 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0389 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0390 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0391 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0392 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0393 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0394 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0395 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0396 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0397 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0398 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0399 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0400 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0401 JacobAdamsSeniorShoot_0402