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Chloe Luka Photography has moved from Ohio to Indiana, and has also moved to a new blog and website! You can find us by following this link:

Thank you so much for continuing to follow along with our journey! We look forward to hearing from you soon :)


Crowley Family {Family Studio Session at Lost and Found Vintage Rentals, Dayton, Ohio}


I just love this adorable family. We’ve known Levi and Katie for a few years (Katie is Tim’s hair dresser, and if you couldn’t tell from the cruise pictures – she does an AWESOME job!!) and they have THE cutest little girl, Miss Esther :) We had some fun taking pictures in the lovely Lost and Found Vintage Rentals Studio in downtown Dayton, which I highly recommend for those looking for a warmer place to shoot in the winter! She has so many props, and there’s fantastic lighting! But anyway :) Katie wanted a natural feel to the shoot, so we did a few poses, but the majority was capturing Esther’s personality and the three of them together. Hope you enjoy these sneak peeks!
CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1203CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1211 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1204CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1212 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1205 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1206CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1213 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1207CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1210 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1208 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1215 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1216 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1217 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1218

Also, can we please talk about how cute their outfits all look together??! Katie has some great fashion sense ;) CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1219 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1220 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1221

Esther’s learning how to walk, so Katie wanted to capture some of that :) Love how these turned out!CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1222 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1223 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1224 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1225 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1226 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1227 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1228 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1229 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1230 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1231 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1232 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1233 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1234 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1235 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1236 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1237 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1238 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1239 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1240 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1241 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1242 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1243 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1244 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1245 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1246 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1247 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1248

Esther loves playing with Katie’s makeup, so Katie suggested taking a few pictures of her doing that, and it was so adorable! CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1249 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1250 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1251 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1252 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1253

At the end we were able to grab a few quick shots of just Katie and Levi together :) They are just too cute to not photograph!! Love you guys!CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1254 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1255

Voltz Baby Shower {Dayton, Ohio Event Photography}


So many of my friends are having babies!!! As a result, I am learning to become a better baby shower photographer and decorater ;) It was so fun to help out with Grace’s baby shower and be able to document some of the memories at the event. It came in perfect timing as well, since little Eli made a very early arrival and we were able to meet him the very next week!! Stay tuned for a lifestyle family session with the Voltz’s…you won’t want to miss that one coming soon :) For now enjoy a glimpse of our little celebration for sweet Eli! :)

BanksFamilyShoot_0209 BanksFamilyShoot_0210 BanksFamilyShoot_0211 BanksFamilyShoot_0212 BanksFamilyShoot_0213 BanksFamilyShoot_0214 BanksFamilyShoot_0215 BanksFamilyShoot_0216 BanksFamilyShoot_0217 BanksFamilyShoot_0218

A few baby shower games..Heidi did a great job with these! Up first: baby bowling! BanksFamilyShoot_0219 BanksFamilyShoot_0220 BanksFamilyShoot_0221

Second game : A minute to win it! BanksFamilyShoot_0222 BanksFamilyShoot_0223

Little Eli is very loved already :) BanksFamilyShoot_0224 BanksFamilyShoot_0225

Game 3: Spit the pacifier! Definitely my favorite to document ;) BanksFamilyShoot_0226

And game 4: Make a baby! (with play dough ;) BanksFamilyShoot_0227 BanksFamilyShoot_0228 BanksFamilyShoot_0229 BanksFamilyShoot_0230 BanksFamilyShoot_0231 BanksFamilyShoot_0232 BanksFamilyShoot_0233

So amazing. One of the pastor’s wives at our church is INCREDIBLE at quilting and hand-made this quilt for Eli!!! BanksFamilyShoot_0235

Both Grace and Chris’s moms drove several hours to be there to share in the festivities :) So sweet! BanksFamilyShoot_0236

Isn’t she glowing? Such a beautiful mommy to be :) BanksFamilyShoot_0238 BanksFamilyShoot_0239