Tori & Jeremy {Shabby Chic, Outdoor Farm Wedding in Xenia, Ohio}


From the bride: “Our inspiration is personalization. We want our day to be so unique and knew that if we focused on our favorite things, not only will it be perfectly unique, but fun and vibrant too. We love spending time at Jeremy’s family farm and want our guests to sit back, and relax, just like we love to do there. We are incorporating family heirlooms such as Jeremy’s grandparents tractors and my great grandparents church pew. We’ve spent a year searching for other neat pieces like a setee for our head table, a vintage menu board, and fire place mantles. Overall we are most excited to dance for the first time surrounded by our friends and family with the farm fields in the background.”
From the moment I received Tori’s email inquiring about my availability to shoot her wedding, I knew that we would be friends. With a shared love of Starbucks, and the fact that she owned a photography business herself, we hit it off right away, and I couldn’t wait to celebrate her marriage to the love of her life. Although it rained for the first half of the day, it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits! Tori and the girls got ready at a historic hotel in downtown Wilmington, which made for some stunning indoor bridal portraits! Just wait until you see how gorgeous she looks ;) The rain stopped at the end of the ceremony just in time for Tori & Jeremy to ride to the reception in the tractor that Jeremy surprised his bride with.  The reception was filled with gorgeous, sentimental details and amazing florals designed by the bride’s mother! Tori owns her own store (Check it out here —> SO cute!) with some gorgeous collectible pieces, and I loved that she incorporated them into her wedding day!
Tori and Jeremy – thank you for welcoming me into your lives and hearts. I felt like one of the family on your wedding day, and the love and care that you showered on me and everyone around you made your day truly amazing. Your entire day – from the first look with your grandparents, to the first time Jeremy laid eyes on you as a bride, and the looks you shared during your first dance – was so meaningful, emotional, and intimate. You are surrounded by so many family and friends that clearly cherish you both, and I know they will join me in wishing you a long life together filled with joy, laughter, and ‘bunches of love’ :) Enjoy some of my favorites from the day!


These two have been friends forever, and it was so sweet to have them share in this special getting ready time together :)RusticOhioBarnWedding_2435RusticOhioBarnWedding_2438RusticOhioBarnWedding_2436RusticOhioBarnWedding_2440RusticOhioBarnWedding_2437RusticOhioBarnWedding_2442RusticOhioBarnWedding_2439RusticOhioBarnWedding_2443RusticOhioBarnWedding_2441RusticOhioBarnWedding_2445RusticOhioBarnWedding_2444RusticOhioBarnWedding_2446RusticOhioBarnWedding_2447RusticOhioBarnWedding_2448RusticOhioBarnWedding_2449RusticOhioBarnWedding_2450RusticOhioBarnWedding_2451RusticOhioBarnWedding_2452RusticOhioBarnWedding_2453RusticOhioBarnWedding_2454RusticOhioBarnWedding_2455RusticOhioBarnWedding_2456RusticOhioBarnWedding_2457RusticOhioBarnWedding_2458RusticOhioBarnWedding_2459RusticOhioBarnWedding_2460RusticOhioBarnWedding_2461RusticOhioBarnWedding_2462RusticOhioBarnWedding_2464RusticOhioBarnWedding_2463RusticOhioBarnWedding_2465RusticOhioBarnWedding_2478RusticOhioBarnWedding_2479RusticOhioBarnWedding_2466RusticOhioBarnWedding_2467RusticOhioBarnWedding_2480RusticOhioBarnWedding_2468RusticOhioBarnWedding_2470RusticOhioBarnWedding_2471RusticOhioBarnWedding_2472RusticOhioBarnWedding_2473RusticOhioBarnWedding_2474RusticOhioBarnWedding_2481RusticOhioBarnWedding_2475RusticOhioBarnWedding_2476RusticOhioBarnWedding_2477RusticOhioBarnWedding_2482RusticOhioBarnWedding_2559RusticOhioBarnWedding_2558

Yay for clear skies and a bridal party that was willing to trek through the mud for some outdoor portraits! RusticOhioBarnWedding_2483RusticOhioBarnWedding_2484RusticOhioBarnWedding_2485RusticOhioBarnWedding_2486RusticOhioBarnWedding_2487RusticOhioBarnWedding_2488RusticOhioBarnWedding_2489RusticOhioBarnWedding_2490RusticOhioBarnWedding_2491RusticOhioBarnWedding_2492RusticOhioBarnWedding_2494RusticOhioBarnWedding_2495RusticOhioBarnWedding_2496RusticOhioBarnWedding_2497RusticOhioBarnWedding_2498RusticOhioBarnWedding_2499RusticOhioBarnWedding_2500RusticOhioBarnWedding_2501RusticOhioBarnWedding_2502RusticOhioBarnWedding_2503RusticOhioBarnWedding_2504RusticOhioBarnWedding_2505RusticOhioBarnWedding_2506RusticOhioBarnWedding_2507RusticOhioBarnWedding_2508RusticOhioBarnWedding_2509

Get ready for details overload – I had such a hard time narrowing these down! Tori did a truly spectacular job with personalizing the reception, and her mom added some gorgeous florals to all of the unique centerpieces! RusticOhioBarnWedding_2510RusticOhioBarnWedding_2511RusticOhioBarnWedding_2512RusticOhioBarnWedding_2513RusticOhioBarnWedding_2514RusticOhioBarnWedding_2515RusticOhioBarnWedding_2521RusticOhioBarnWedding_2517RusticOhioBarnWedding_2519RusticOhioBarnWedding_2516RusticOhioBarnWedding_2518RusticOhioBarnWedding_2520RusticOhioBarnWedding_2522RusticOhioBarnWedding_2523RusticOhioBarnWedding_2524RusticOhioBarnWedding_2525RusticOhioBarnWedding_2527RusticOhioBarnWedding_2528RusticOhioBarnWedding_2529RusticOhioBarnWedding_2530RusticOhioBarnWedding_2531RusticOhioBarnWedding_2532RusticOhioBarnWedding_2533RusticOhioBarnWedding_2534RusticOhioBarnWedding_2535RusticOhioBarnWedding_2536RusticOhioBarnWedding_2538RusticOhioBarnWedding_2539RusticOhioBarnWedding_2540RusticOhioBarnWedding_2541RusticOhioBarnWedding_2542RusticOhioBarnWedding_2543RusticOhioBarnWedding_2554RusticOhioBarnWedding_2544RusticOhioBarnWedding_2546RusticOhioBarnWedding_2548RusticOhioBarnWedding_2549RusticOhioBarnWedding_2550RusticOhioBarnWedding_2551RusticOhioBarnWedding_2552RusticOhioBarnWedding_2557RusticOhioBarnWedding_2555RusticOhioBarnWedding_2556

Many thanks to the great vendor team!

Dress – Mori Lee / Altar Bound Bridal (
Florist – The Bride’s Mother
Ceremony Venue – (
DJ – Family Friend
Catering – Family Friend
Bridesmaids Dresses – Francescas, Alfred Angelo, H&M, Macy’s)
Groomsmen and Groom Attire – SilverSpur, Kohls
Invitations – Designed by Bride, Monogram from 2712 Designs (, paper from The Paper Cottage in BeaverCreek
Favors – Coffee, Soap, Grits, Scented Tarts, Gumballs



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