Justin & Nicole {At Home Lifestyle Cooking Photography}

LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1647This anniversary session was something completely new. Nicole works for a local catering company, and we connected through a mutual friend. Her and her husband only have one photo of themselves in the six years they have been together, and she wanted a creative shoot that reflected who they were as a couple. I proposed the idea of a lifestyle cooking shoot in their home, since cooking is something that they love together.  (I LOVE when clients give me the ability to think outside the box, and are willing to trust my ideas!) They have been hosting Sunday dinners at their home for the past several years; not only because cooking is something Nicole loves, but also because it’s how they love getting to know people — over a shared meal.  And let me tell you, they are incredible at what they do!! Justin and Nicole invited my husband and I to share in the meal they would create for the photo shoot, and it was one of the best meals I’ve had in my life!

Justin and Nicole – I was so humbled to be invited into your home, and then to be able to share an amazing meal with you both was the perfect end to our time together. Thank you for serving us – for taking care of our dishes, encouraging us to eat seconds, and surprising us with a delicious dessert and coffee! Thank you for trusting my vision, being good sports (especially you, Justin!), and for a friendship that was formed over spaghetti and meatballs. This will always be one of my most favorite sessions I’ve ever captured because of your graciousness and hospitality. Love you both!

LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1633LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1634LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1635LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1636LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1637LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1638LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1639LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1640LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1641LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1642LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1643LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1644LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1645LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1646LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1647LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1648LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1649LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1650LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1651LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1652LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1653LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1654LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1655LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1656LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1657LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1658LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1659LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1660LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1661LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1662LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1663LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1664LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1665LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1666LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1667LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1668LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1687LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1669As the meal cooked, we had a half hour to slip away and grab some portraits of the two of them together, and I’m so thrilled with how they turned out!! Who would have known that Springfield could be so beautiful?! ;)

LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1670LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1671LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1672LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1673LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1674LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1675LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1676LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1677LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1678LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1679LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1680LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1681LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1682LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1683LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1684LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1685LifestyleCookingPhotoShoot_1686And then we were back to enjoy the delicious meal that Justin and Nicole had made for us!!






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