Matt & Lea {Yellow Springs, Ohio // Travel – Themed Engagement Session}


Oh these two. What a story they have!! I’m going to save the fun details to share for their wedding blog post, but to make a long story short, they met in France (where Lea is from), while Matt was touring with his band, Hawthorne Heights, dated long distance, got engaged and will be getting married in May!! I couldn’t be more honored or excited to share in their day. They wanted their engagement shoot to reflect their long-distance relationship, so we tied in a travel theme, as well as some fun urban shots in Yellow Springs. Hope you enjoy this preview! :)

MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1261 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1262 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1263 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1264 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1265 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1266 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1267 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1268 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1269 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1270 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1271 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1272 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1273 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1274 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1275 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1276

LOVE these vintage suitcases they bought for the shoot! Aren’t they perfect?! MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1277 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1278 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1279 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1280 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1281 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1282 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1283 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1284 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1285 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1286

We had a few ideas about how to incorporate travel into their shoot, but the one we ended up choosing was paper airplanes. They loved the idea of doing the second half of the shoot in the woods, and the paper airplanes were a great portable prop! The two of them stayed up late the night before the shoot and made every single airplane!! (Again I will say, I have the BEST couples in the world! These guys were such good sports!) And on the day of the shoot, we hung them from a bunch of trees in the middle of Glen Helen. So much fun!! MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1287 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1288 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1289 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1290 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1291 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1292 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1293 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1294 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1295 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1296 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1297

LOVE how this next shot came out!!! :) MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1298 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1299 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1300 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1301 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1302 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1304 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1305 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1306 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1307 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1308 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1309 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1310 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1311 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1312 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1313 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1314 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1315 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1316 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1317 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1318 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1319 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1320

Aren’t they just the cutest together?! MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1321 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1322 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1323 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1324 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1325 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1326 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1327MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1331 MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1333MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1330MattandLeaTravelEngagement_1332


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