Crowley Family {Family Studio Session at Lost and Found Vintage Rentals, Dayton, Ohio}


I just love this adorable family. We’ve known Levi and Katie for a few years (Katie is Tim’s hair dresser, and if you couldn’t tell from the cruise pictures – she does an AWESOME job!!) and they have THE cutest little girl, Miss Esther :) We had some fun taking pictures in the lovely Lost and Found Vintage Rentals Studio in downtown Dayton, which I highly recommend for those looking for a warmer place to shoot in the winter! She has so many props, and there’s fantastic lighting! But anyway :) Katie wanted a natural feel to the shoot, so we did a few poses, but the majority was capturing Esther’s personality and the three of them together. Hope you enjoy these sneak peeks!
CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1203CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1211 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1204CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1212 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1205 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1206CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1213 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1207CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1210 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1208 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1215 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1216 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1217 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1218

Also, can we please talk about how cute their outfits all look together??! Katie has some great fashion sense ;) CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1219 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1220 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1221

Esther’s learning how to walk, so Katie wanted to capture some of that :) Love how these turned out!CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1222 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1223 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1224 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1225 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1226 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1227 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1228 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1229 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1230 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1231 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1232 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1233 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1234 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1235 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1236 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1237 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1238 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1239 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1240 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1241 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1242 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1243 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1244 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1245 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1246 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1247 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1248

Esther loves playing with Katie’s makeup, so Katie suggested taking a few pictures of her doing that, and it was so adorable! CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1249 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1250 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1251 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1252 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1253

At the end we were able to grab a few quick shots of just Katie and Levi together :) They are just too cute to not photograph!! Love you guys!CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1254 CrowleyFamilyDaytonStudioSession_1255


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