Kraig & Katie {Dayton, Ohio Maternity Photography}



I was contacted by Katie as a special request for a maternity session, and she has given me permission to share her story with you today:

“Our sweet baby Keegan. We found out we were expecting August 7th 2014. Best day of our lives! We were so excited.  Everything was going great, and he was growing on track, his heart rate was good, and everything seemed wonderful. On October 31st we found out that we were having a boy! Then I got a call from my doctor’s office, saying that she wanted to see me to go over the ultrasound we had the day before. My heart sunk, and I knew something wasn’t right, even though everyone tried to reassure me otherwise. So, I went in to the doctor’s office and she sat down, looked at me, and told me that she didn’t know how to tell me this, but proceeded to tell me our son had Anencephaly and that there was no chance of survival after birth. (If you are wondering what Anencephaly is, it is a Neural Tube Defect. At about the 3rd week of gestation, the top part of Keegan’s skull did not close all the way. With that happening, Keegan’s brain grew, but slowly was destroyed due to fluid. Baby Keegan is missing his brain, skull, and scalp.) I broke down. How could this happen to my sweet boy? We found out about our options and we did our research. We decided to carry our sweet Keegan to term. We can give him 9 months of life and hopefully God will give us hours with him after he is born. I feel Keegan’s kicks and punches every day, and it makes me smile. Knowing that I can give him this life makes me happy. I can’t wait for the day of his arrival!  We love our dear son, and nothing will change that. God has truly blessed us with a wonderful gift. That gift is Keegan Paul Mowry! ”

It was an honor to be able to capture such a precious time for Kraig and Katie as they celebrate Keegan’s life. They are such a sweet couple, and so in love with each other and with their little boy. I hope you enjoy this celebration of precious Keegan and the life that his parents chose to give him for these 9 months.



KeeganMaternity_1042 KeeganMaternity_1043 KeeganMaternity_1044 KeeganMaternity_1045 KeeganMaternity_1046 KeeganMaternity_1047 KeeganMaternity_1048 KeeganMaternity_1049

For the main portion of our session, we rented Lost and Found Vintage Rentals Studio, since we were experiencing sub-zero degree temperatures!! Jennifer, the owner of the studio, was so sweet and helpful and I loved being able to experiment with some of the props she had available to us. I’ve never done a session in a studio before, so this was a first for me! But we had gorgeous light and cozy space heaters, and I loved our time there! Be sure to check her out for any studio needs in the Dayton area! :)KeeganMaternity_1050 KeeganMaternity_1051 KeeganMaternity_1052 KeeganMaternity_1053 KeeganMaternity_1054 KeeganMaternity_1055 KeeganMaternity_1056 KeeganMaternity_1057 KeeganMaternity_1058

Katie and Kraig decided to brave the chilling temperatures for a few minutes so we could take some pictures outside! We moved quickly, and I’m so glad we got to capture a few additional portraits of their sweet family. KeeganMaternity_1059 KeeganMaternity_1060 KeeganMaternity_1061 KeeganMaternity_1062 KeeganMaternity_1063 KeeganMaternity_1064 KeeganMaternity_1065 KeeganMaternity_1066 KeeganMaternity_1067 KeeganMaternity_1068 KeeganMaternity_1069 KeeganMaternity_1070 KeeganMaternity_1072KeeganMaternity_1071

Kraig and Katie, thank you for choosing me to document your story and to share in the joy you have of carrying Keegan to term. Love your sweet family, and the time we had together :)


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