Corben & Marissa {Dayton, Ohio Engagement Photography}


Oh these cuties. I could seriously photograph them all day long!! I’ve known Marissa for a few years through church, and I was so excited to finally meet her man at our photo shoot. It was seriously frigid, but these two rocked it without their coats, and still had ridiculously huge smiles on their faces the whole time. Their love for each other is so evident and the joy that they share is such an amazing gift. I dare you to not smile when you look through the rest of this post! :)

Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0773 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0774 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0775 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0776 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0777 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0778 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0779 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0780 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0781 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0782 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0783 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0784 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0785 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0786 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0787 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0788 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0789 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0790 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0791 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0792 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0793 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0794 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0795 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0796 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0797 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0798 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0799 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0800 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0801 Marissa_CorbenEngagement_0802


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