Brice & Cristine {The Birch House, Yellow Springs, Ohio Wedding Photography}

briceandcristineWhere to even begin with this wedding!! Cristine found my work online while she was in Cambodia and emailed me about shooting her wedding in Ohio. First of all, it was so amazing to me that she could find my work while she was in ASIA! So crazy and awesome. I was so honored to have been chosen to document their picture perfect day at The Birch House. It was a freezing cold day in November, but they were all troopers for the outdoor pictures (even being brave enough to walk across a fallen tree suspended above the ground in the nature reserve! Be sure to scroll through for that picture!) and the fall colors were absolutely stunning. Brice and Cristine had a 1920’s art deco glam theme, and all of the outfits – from the bride’s dress, to the groom’s shoes were made in Cambodia to go along with the theme. SO STUNNING. I could go on and on, but it’s better to actually see it all for yourself! Enjoy this glimpse into Brice & Cristine’s amazing day :)DoblerWedding_0614

Can you just look at that beautiful gold dress and matching shoes??!! Both were handmade from start to finish just for Cristine!DoblerWedding_0615 DoblerWedding_0616 DoblerWedding_0617 DoblerWedding_0618 DoblerWedding_0619

Glen Garden Gifts did a spectacular job with all of the florals, especially the bridal bouquet!
DoblerWedding_0620 DoblerWedding_0621 DoblerWedding_0622 DoblerWedding_0623 DoblerWedding_0624 DoblerWedding_0625 DoblerWedding_0626 DoblerWedding_0627 DoblerWedding_0628 DoblerWedding_0629 DoblerWedding_0630 DoblerWedding_0631 DoblerWedding_0632 DoblerWedding_0633 DoblerWedding_0635DoblerWedding_0634DoblerWedding_0636 DoblerWedding_0637

Love this ^ shot of Cristine seeing her dress for the first time, while her mother watches :) DoblerWedding_0638

Cristine also had this back necklace made in Cambodia! Love the attention to detail!DoblerWedding_0639 DoblerWedding_0640 DoblerWedding_0641 DoblerWedding_0642

I loved that they incorporated this piece of their story into the decor of The Birch House. Cristine worked with World Relief Cambodia, and Brice spent a summer visiting and volunteering. They also made a donation to World Relief in honor of their time there.DoblerWedding_0643 DoblerWedding_0644 DoblerWedding_0645 DoblerWedding_0646 DoblerWedding_0647

Cristine’s earrings were her great-grandmother’s, and served as her ‘something borrowed, something blue.’ DoblerWedding_0648 DoblerWedding_0649 DoblerWedding_0650 DoblerWedding_0651 DoblerWedding_0652 DoblerWedding_0653 DoblerWedding_0654 DoblerWedding_0655 DoblerWedding_0656 DoblerWedding_0657 DoblerWedding_0658 DoblerWedding_0659 DoblerWedding_0660 DoblerWedding_0661 DoblerWedding_0662 DoblerWedding_0663 DoblerWedding_0664 DoblerWedding_0665 DoblerWedding_0666 DoblerWedding_0667 DoblerWedding_0668 DoblerWedding_0669 DoblerWedding_0670 DoblerWedding_0671 DoblerWedding_0672 DoblerWedding_0673 DoblerWedding_0674 DoblerWedding_0675 DoblerWedding_0676 DoblerWedding_0677 DoblerWedding_0678 DoblerWedding_0679 DoblerWedding_0680 DoblerWedding_0681 DoblerWedding_0682 DoblerWedding_0683 DoblerWedding_0684 DoblerWedding_0685 DoblerWedding_0686 DoblerWedding_0687 DoblerWedding_0688 DoblerWedding_0689 DoblerWedding_0690 DoblerWedding_0691 DoblerWedding_0692 DoblerWedding_0693 DoblerWedding_0694 DoblerWedding_0695 DoblerWedding_0696 DoblerWedding_0697 DoblerWedding_0698

^Did I tell you this bridal party was AMAZING?! These girls hiked out on this tree in stiletto heels for this shot!!! And noone was too badly hurt in the making of this image ;) DoblerWedding_0699 DoblerWedding_0700 DoblerWedding_0701 DoblerWedding_0702 DoblerWedding_0703 DoblerWedding_0704 DoblerWedding_0705 DoblerWedding_0706 DoblerWedding_0707 DoblerWedding_0708 DoblerWedding_0710 DoblerWedding_0711 DoblerWedding_0712 DoblerWedding_0713 DoblerWedding_0714 DoblerWedding_0715

Cristine, her mom and grandma put all of these succulents together as a small gift for each guest that attended. Such a beautiful idea!DoblerWedding_0716

Due to the cold weather, they decided to move the ceremony into the tent they had rented for the reception. It was a last minute decision, but turned out beautifully! (Also an added bonus to have the tent filled with space heaters to keep us warm!) DoblerWedding_0717DoblerWedding_0738 DoblerWedding_0718DoblerWedding_0739 DoblerWedding_0719 DoblerWedding_0721 DoblerWedding_0722 DoblerWedding_0723 DoblerWedding_0724 DoblerWedding_0725 DoblerWedding_0726 DoblerWedding_0727 DoblerWedding_0728 DoblerWedding_0729 DoblerWedding_0730 DoblerWedding_0731DoblerWedding_0740 DoblerWedding_0732 DoblerWedding_0733 DoblerWedding_0734 DoblerWedding_0736 DoblerWedding_0737

These colors are barely edited. It was crazy how bright and brilliant the leaves were on that day!


The food at this wedding was hands down the best meal we have EVER had while shooting a wedding. Scratch Catering put together a delicious Mediterranean feast, which held special significance to Brice and Cristine as one of their first state-side dates was at Aladdin’s :)  DoblerWedding_0742 DoblerWedding_0743 DoblerWedding_0744 DoblerWedding_0745 DoblerWedding_0746 DoblerWedding_0747 DoblerWedding_0748 DoblerWedding_0749 DoblerWedding_0750 DoblerWedding_0751 DoblerWedding_0752 DoblerWedding_0753 DoblerWedding_0754 DoblerWedding_0755 DoblerWedding_0756 DoblerWedding_0757 DoblerWedding_0758 DoblerWedding_0759 DoblerWedding_0760

They chose to have a live band provide the music for the reception, and The Appleseed Collective was a perfect choice! They filled the room with a blend of rag-time, jazz and folk music, and the guests LOVED it!! I’ve also never seen a bride and groom with such great dance moves! And Cristine’s mom was tearing it up on the dance floor – I need to get some lessons from her! ;) DoblerWedding_0761 DoblerWedding_0762 DoblerWedding_0763 DoblerWedding_0764 DoblerWedding_0765Thank you Brice and Cristine for allowing us to share in such an incredible day. Your wedding blew us away on so many levels, but even more than that, the love you have for each other, your contagious laughter and the FUN you two have together is amazing to watch. Thank you for trusting us, for feeding us really awesome food and for letting us enjoy this day with you. Love you guys!


Vendor Credits:

Catering: Scratch Catering 

Pies: Current Cuisine

Rentals: Prime Time Rental

Florals: Glen Garden Flowers

Entertainment: The Appleseed Collective

Bridal Party Portraits: Glen Helen Reserve

Venue Location: The Birch House

Cake: Ele Cake Company

Wedding Party Accomodations: Grinnell Mill

Stylist: Wavelength Salon Spa 

Bridesmaid Dresses Seamstress: Leakhena Durston

Wedding Dress Designer: Anne Noelle Bridal

Grooms Shoes: Beautiful Shoes

Invitation Design: Abigail Reeder Designs




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