Brandon & Shelbe {Stylized Anniversary Shoot in Yellow Springs, Ohio}

Brandon and Shelbe’s wedding was my very first wedding for Chloe Luka Photography. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since we were at the Birch House capturing their amazing day! I’ve loved keeping in touch with Shelbe and was so excited when she asked me to do a one-year anniversary photo shoot that involved getting back in her wedding dress, and some amazing styled features! The sun came out and gave us some gorgeous light, and these two were smoldering. I love how they love each other and have so much fun together — it makes my job easy ;) Brandon and Shelbe, love you both so much and I’m so thankful for the friendship that we have and being able to celebrate your first year of marriage with you! Enjoy a few images of our time together :)

SpragueEngagementShoot_0327 SpragueEngagementShoot_0328 SpragueEngagementShoot_0329 SpragueEngagementShoot_0330 SpragueEngagementShoot_0331 SpragueEngagementShoot_0332 SpragueEngagementShoot_0333 SpragueEngagementShoot_0334 SpragueEngagementShoot_0335 SpragueEngagementShoot_0336 SpragueEngagementShoot_0337 SpragueEngagementShoot_0338 SpragueEngagementShoot_0339 SpragueEngagementShoot_0340 SpragueEngagementShoot_0341 SpragueEngagementShoot_0342 SpragueEngagementShoot_0343 SpragueEngagementShoot_0344 SpragueEngagementShoot_0345 SpragueEngagementShoot_0346 SpragueEngagementShoot_0347 SpragueEngagementShoot_0348 SpragueEngagementShoot_0349 SpragueEngagementShoot_0350 SpragueEngagementShoot_0351 SpragueEngagementShoot_0352 SpragueEngagementShoot_0353 SpragueEngagementShoot_0354 SpragueEngagementShoot_0355 SpragueEngagementShoot_0356 SpragueEngagementShoot_0357 SpragueEngagementShoot_0358 SpragueEngagementShoot_0359 SpragueEngagementShoot_0360 SpragueEngagementShoot_0361 SpragueEngagementShoot_0362 SpragueEngagementShoot_0363 SpragueEngagementShoot_0364


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