Colin & Amanda {Glen Helen Nature Preserve, Yellow Springs, Ohio Wedding Photography}


Oh this precious couple. They are absolutely adorable together, their love for each other is inspiring, and they are some of the sweetest people I have ever met! They came to the session with personalized mugs, a thermos of coffee and adventurous spirits (basically DREAM clients for this photographer!) and I’m so excited to share the images that we created. I had so many favorites that I had to split it into two blog posts, so look for #2 coming your way next Monday! Enjoy a sneak peek of Colin & Amanda!

SpragueEngagementShoot_0241 SpragueEngagementShoot_0242 SpragueEngagementShoot_0243 SpragueEngagementShoot_0246 SpragueEngagementShoot_0247 SpragueEngagementShoot_0248 SpragueEngagementShoot_0249 SpragueEngagementShoot_0250 SpragueEngagementShoot_0251 SpragueEngagementShoot_0252 SpragueEngagementShoot_0253 SpragueEngagementShoot_0254 SpragueEngagementShoot_0255

^^Look at the cuteness! Can’t handle it! SpragueEngagementShoot_0256 SpragueEngagementShoot_0257 SpragueEngagementShoot_0258 SpragueEngagementShoot_0259 SpragueEngagementShoot_0260 SpragueEngagementShoot_0266 SpragueEngagementShoot_0265 SpragueEngagementShoot_0264 SpragueEngagementShoot_0263 SpragueEngagementShoot_0262 SpragueEngagementShoot_0261 SpragueEngagementShoot_0267 SpragueEngagementShoot_0268 SpragueEngagementShoot_0269 SpragueEngagementShoot_0270 SpragueEngagementShoot_0271 SpragueEngagementShoot_0272 SpragueEngagementShoot_0273 SpragueEngagementShoot_0274 SpragueEngagementShoot_0275 SpragueEngagementShoot_0276 SpragueEngagementShoot_0277 SpragueEngagementShoot_0278 SpragueEngagementShoot_0279 SpragueEngagementShoot_0280 SpragueEngagementShoot_0281 SpragueEngagementShoot_0282

Isn’t her ring stunning?! I love it! SpragueEngagementShoot_0285


One response

  1. wheckman123

    So many beautiful shots and a wonderful location too !!!!

    November 17, 2014 at 9:54 pm

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