Rita & Kevin {Cleveland, Ohio Destination Wedding Photographer}

GeissWedding_0505I am beyond excited to share Chloe Luka Photography’s first destination wedding with you all! Yes, it was to Cleveland. And yes, it was amazing. I love the love that Kevin & Rita have for each other – it seriously radiates from them.  They were surrounded by some incredible people who made their day fun, relaxed and unforgettable! Rita knew they were taking a risk on a wedding in Cleveland in late October, but they lucked out with one of the most gorgeous weekends of the fall season! The leaves were perfect, the sun was shining, and we had some incredible locations lined up for portraits! A truly perfect day for a couple who absolutely deserved it. Kevin & Rita, thank you for choosing us to capture your love story and for being dream clients for us. It was such an honor to witness your wedding day! Hope you enjoy these highlights :)

GeissWedding_0406 GeissWedding_0407 GeissWedding_0408 GeissWedding_0409 GeissWedding_0410 GeissWedding_0411 GeissWedding_0412 GeissWedding_0413 GeissWedding_0414 GeissWedding_0415 GeissWedding_0416 GeissWedding_0417 GeissWedding_0418 GeissWedding_0419 GeissWedding_0420 GeissWedding_0421 GeissWedding_0422 GeissWedding_0423 GeissWedding_0424 GeissWedding_0425

I will not be sorry for sharing a LOT of pictures of Rita. She seriously looked like a royal princess and rocked her bridal portrait session!
GeissWedding_0426 GeissWedding_0427 GeissWedding_0428 GeissWedding_0429 GeissWedding_0430 GeissWedding_0431 GeissWedding_0432 GeissWedding_0433 GeissWedding_0434 GeissWedding_0435GeissWedding_0447 GeissWedding_0436GeissWedding_0448 GeissWedding_0437 GeissWedding_0438 GeissWedding_0439 GeissWedding_0440 GeissWedding_0441 GeissWedding_0442 GeissWedding_0443


I literally freaked out when I saw this^^ in-camera and had to show Rita right away! To all future brides who are reading this — this shot alone should be reason enough for you to consider a first look! We wouldn’t have been able to create this if we did not have time with just Kevin & Rita before the ceremony – no rush, just time for the two of them. And I think it turned out pretty great :)  GeissWedding_0445 GeissWedding_0446GeissWedding_0449GeissWedding_0450GeissWedding_0451GeissWedding_0452GeissWedding_0453GeissWedding_0454GeissWedding_0455GeissWedding_0456GeissWedding_0457GeissWedding_0458GeissWedding_0459GeissWedding_0460GeissWedding_0461GeissWedding_0462GeissWedding_0463GeissWedding_0464GeissWedding_0465GeissWedding_0466GeissWedding_0467GeissWedding_0468GeissWedding_0469GeissWedding_0470GeissWedding_0471GeissWedding_0472

Wasn’t her bouquet a perfect match for the gorgeous fall colors?! Ah!! GeissWedding_0473GeissWedding_0474GeissWedding_0475GeissWedding_0476GeissWedding_0477GeissWedding_0482GeissWedding_0483GeissWedding_0478GeissWedding_0484GeissWedding_0480GeissWedding_0479GeissWedding_0481GeissWedding_0485Rita was so smart and thought ahead with a back-up plan in case the weather did not cooperate for the weekend. She booked some time for us at The Arcade, and I couldn’t be any happier that she did! The lighting was gorgeous, and the steps….to die for! Definitely my favorite pictures of the day right here! GeissWedding_0487GeissWedding_0488GeissWedding_0489GeissWedding_0490GeissWedding_0508GeissWedding_0491GeissWedding_0492GeissWedding_0493GeissWedding_0494GeissWedding_0495GeissWedding_0496GeissWedding_0497GeissWedding_0498GeissWedding_0499GeissWedding_0500GeissWedding_0501GeissWedding_0502GeissWedding_0503GeissWedding_0504GeissWedding_0505GeissWedding_0506GeissWedding_0507GeissWedding_0509GeissWedding_0510GeissWedding_0511GeissWedding_0512GeissWedding_0513GeissWedding_0514GeissWedding_0515GeissWedding_0516GeissWedding_0517GeissWedding_0519GeissWedding_0518GeissWedding_0521GeissWedding_0522GeissWedding_0523GeissWedding_0524GeissWedding_0525GeissWedding_0526GeissWedding_0527GeissWedding_0528GeissWedding_0529GeissWedding_0530GeissWedding_0531GeissWedding_0532GeissWedding_0533GeissWedding_0534GeissWedding_0535GeissWedding_0536GeissWedding_0537GeissWedding_0538GeissWedding_0539



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