Sydney & Stephanie {Dayton, Ohio Fashion Photography}


I just love these two girls!! I’ve known Sydney for a few years from our church, and she just started attending Cedarville University this fall, where I work! She and her roommate, Steph, wanted to get some professional portraits done because they love fashion and love having fun together! We explored the quirky little town of Yellow Springs and they rocked it in their trendy outfits and contagious laughter. So excited to share these fashion/roomie pictures! Love you both so much! :) 

BanksFamilyShoot_0181 BanksFamilyShoot_0182BanksFamilyShoot_0183 BanksFamilyShoot_0184 BanksFamilyShoot_0186BanksFamilyShoot_0185 BanksFamilyShoot_0187 BanksFamilyShoot_0188 BanksFamilyShoot_0190BanksFamilyShoot_0189 BanksFamilyShoot_0191 BanksFamilyShoot_0193BanksFamilyShoot_0192 BanksFamilyShoot_0194 BanksFamilyShoot_0195 BanksFamilyShoot_0196 BanksFamilyShoot_0197 BanksFamilyShoot_0198 BanksFamilyShoot_0199 BanksFamilyShoot_0200 BanksFamilyShoot_0202 BanksFamilyShoot_0203BanksFamilyShoot_0201 BanksFamilyShoot_0204 BanksFamilyShoot_0205 BanksFamilyShoot_0206 BanksFamilyShoot_0207


One response

  1. All of these images are fantastic!!! Love the composition in the last image :-)

    November 3, 2014 at 10:56 am

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