Banks Family {Dayton, Ohio Family Photographer}


Very excited to introduce the beautiful Banks family to you! We have been in life group with them for a few years, and Ella was the first baby I ever photographed! It was so fun to be able to take pictures of her again, and her new baby sister, Aubrey, as well as their gorgeous parents :) We had perfect weather and got to explore some new parts of Cox Arboretum together, and enjoyed some El Toro afterwards! Definitely my favorite way to end a session :) Enjoy this preview of our time together! SpragueEngagement_0119BanksFamilyShoot_0120 BanksFamilyShoot_0121 BanksFamilyShoot_0122BanksFamilyShoot_0124BanksFamilyShoot_0123BanksFamilyShoot_0125 BanksFamilyShoot_0126 BanksFamilyShoot_0127 BanksFamilyShoot_0128 BanksFamilyShoot_0129 BanksFamilyShoot_0130 BanksFamilyShoot_0132BanksFamilyShoot_0131 BanksFamilyShoot_0133 BanksFamilyShoot_0138BanksFamilyShoot_0134 BanksFamilyShoot_0139BanksFamilyShoot_0135 BanksFamilyShoot_0140BanksFamilyShoot_0136 BanksFamilyShoot_0141BanksFamilyShoot_0137BanksFamilyShoot_0142BanksFamilyShoot_0144BanksFamilyShoot_0145BanksFamilyShoot_0146BanksFamilyShoot_0148BanksFamilyShoot_0149BanksFamilyShoot_0150BanksFamilyShoot_0151


Love this too much. Sometimes you just gotta smile and realize that kids will be kids ;) BanksFamilyShoot_0152BanksFamilyShoot_0153BanksFamilyShoot_0154BanksFamilyShoot_0155BanksFamilyShoot_0156BanksFamilyShoot_0157


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