Olivia {Dayton, Ohio Senior Photographer} Part 2



I have been dying to share this part of the session ever since I saw the shots from the back of my camera. We had the perfect half hour of golden sunlight, and a perfect field that we found on the side of the road as the backdrop. Olivia had mentioned using a vintage pick-up truck when we first met, and I honestly was a little worried about how that would turn out! But when her dad pulled up in this truck I died. It was absolutely perfect – unique and creative, and gave us a lot of different looks that I was thrilled about!! A huge thank you to their family friend who let them borrow the truck, and her dad for driving it out so that we could use it! I am IN LOVE with how these came out!!! Hope you enjoy them!
2014-09-28_0038 2014-09-28_0040 2014-09-28_0041 2014-09-28_0042 2014-09-28_0043 2014-09-28_0044 2014-09-28_0045 2014-09-28_0046 2014-09-28_0047 2014-09-28_0048 2014-09-28_0050 2014-09-28_00512014-09-28_0049 2014-09-28_00532014-09-28_0071 2014-09-28_00552014-09-28_0072 2014-09-28_0056 2014-09-28_0057 2014-09-28_0059 2014-09-28_0060 2014-09-28_0061 2014-09-28_0063 2014-09-28_0064 2014-09-28_0065 2014-09-28_0066 2014-09-28_0067 2014-09-28_00692014-09-28_0073 2014-09-28_0070


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