Rachael {Dayton, Ohio Senior Photography}


I met Rachael a few years ago when we started to become involved with the youth group at church. It’s been awesome to see how much she has grown and matured during the time I’ve known her, and I’m excited to see where the Lord takes her in the next few years! We had fun exploring a new location for me – Wegerzyn Gardens – which was absolutely beautiful! We had perfect weather, and her mom and small group leader came along and helped me capture some awesome smiles and laughter from Rachael, which I LOVED! She rocked her session and I’m excited to share a sneak preview with you :) 2014-09-22_0001 2014-09-22_0002 2014-09-22_0003

Had to include a picture of the Rachael sass. So glad I captured her famous look ;) 2014-09-22_0004 2014-09-22_00052014-09-22_00062014-09-22_00072014-09-22_00082014-09-22_00092014-09-22_00112014-09-22_00122014-09-22_00132014-09-22_00142014-09-22_00152014-09-22_00162014-09-22_00172014-09-22_00182014-09-22_00192014-09-22_00202014-09-22_00212014-09-22_00222014-09-22_00232014-09-22_00262014-09-22_00242014-09-22_0025


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