Caleb & Morgan {Dayton, Ohio Anniversary Photography}


These two. I could seriously take pictures of them all day. Morgan is an amazing photographer (check out her work here!) and was such an encouragement and support to me as I started my business just over a year ago. She is also one of the sweetest women you will ever meet, and is naturally photogenic, so I was working with a trifecta!! I knew Caleb during my time at Cedarville, and there couldn’t be a better man for Morgan. The two of them are so adorable and so in love and getting to photograph them for their two-year anniversary was a blast! Also, please take note that Morgan is wearing her wedding dress…that she got married in two years ago…and after having a baby. Can you say AMAZING?! She’s a stunner! But enough from me :) Enjoy these portraits!

2014-09-03_0001 2014-09-03_00062014-09-03_00082014-09-03_0002 2014-09-03_00092014-09-03_0003 2014-09-03_00212014-09-03_0004 2014-09-03_00202014-09-03_00112014-09-03_0012 2014-09-03_00142014-09-03_0013 2014-09-03_0015 2014-09-03_0016 2014-09-03_00172014-09-03_0005 2014-09-03_0018 2014-09-03_0019


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