The Ingram Family {Dayton, Ohio Photography}


Oh I have so much beautiful goodness to share from this shoot!! So much in fact that I’m splitting it into four separate blog posts! So be on the look out all next week for the next installments. This family is gorgeous in every way. The love that Caleb and Morgan have for each other is so romantic, fun and sweet (which makes my job super easy ;) and their little Hallie girl is beyond precious! That girls laugh is contagious and is going to fill so many hearts with joy. Hope this session brings a smile to your face!

2014-09-03_0022 2014-09-03_0023 2014-09-03_0024 2014-09-03_0025 2014-09-03_0026 2014-09-03_0027 2014-09-03_0029 2014-09-03_0031 2014-09-03_0033 2014-09-03_0036 2014-09-03_0037 2014-09-03_0038 2014-09-03_0039 2014-09-03_0040 2014-09-03_0041 2014-09-03_0042 2014-09-03_0043 2014-09-03_0044 2014-09-03_0046 2014-09-03_00482014-09-03_00472014-09-03_00492014-09-03_0051


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