Kevin & Rita {Xenia, Ohio Engagement Photography}


I had such a fun time capturing these engagement photos for Kevin & Rita. Tim & I will be traveling to Cleveland for their wedding in October, and I was so glad we could fit in a quick connection session before then! Rita & Kevin decided to do the shoot at the Athletes in Action campus, because that’s the place that they met for the first time. (Sidenote: I LOVE when couples incorporate sentimental things like that into their shoots!) We had some gorgeous light and I thoroughly enjoyed stepping back and watching the love between these two. Hope you enjoy it too :)

2014-09-02_0002.jpg 2014-09-02_0004 2014-09-02_00062014-09-02_0003 2014-09-02_0005 2014-09-02_0007 2014-09-02_0008 2014-09-02_0009 2014-09-02_0010 2014-09-02_0011 2014-09-02_00132014-09-02_0012 2014-09-02_0014 2014-09-02_00162014-09-02_0015 2014-09-02_0017 2014-09-02_0018 2014-09-02_0019 2014-09-02_0020 2014-09-02_0021 2014-09-02_0022 2014-09-02_0025 2014-09-02_00272014-09-02_0026 2014-09-02_0028 2014-09-02_00292014-09-02_0031 2014-09-02_0030 2014-09-02_0032 2014-09-02_00342014-09-02_00332014-09-02_0037 2014-09-02_00352014-09-02_0038 2014-09-02_0039


One response

  1. wheckman123

    My favorites are the after-dancing laughter shot and the ring on the black eyed susan’s ~ Love :)

    September 3, 2014 at 8:13 pm

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