Will & Ashtyn {Memorial Hall/Schindler Center // Dayton, Ohio Wedding Photography}

sunsetbridalportraits2 copy

I am so excited to share Will & Ashtyn’s wedding with you today! We’ve known this couple for a few years, and I was ecstatic when Ashtyn asked me to be her wedding planner and photographer! Will & Ashtyn are not only a beautiful couple, but they are filled with joy, have fun everywhere they go and are up for anything – basically the perfect couple ever to photograph. They had a huge bridal party which only added to the excitement of the day – it really was a party wherever they went!! The day could not have been more perfect – sunny blue skies, a gorgeous ceremony venue, perfect light for some sunset portraits and an awesome dance party to end the night. Will & Ashtyn, thank you again for choosing us to document one of the most important days of your lives. Tim & I had a blast hanging out with you, watching you vow your love to each other and then celebrating with you all night long! I was blown away by how many people were there to support you on this first step of your journey together and the love that filled the room for you guys. Continue to spread joy wherever you go and never stop having as much fun with each other as you did on your wedding day!! We love you guys! Enjoy the pictures :) IMG_1406 copyIMG_9519 copy IMG_9612 copyIMG_9602 copy IMG_9653 copygroomsmengettingready copyIMG_9627 copyIMG_1396 copygirlsgettingready copyIMG_9808 copybridegettingready copyIMG_9812 copy IMG_9835 copyIMG_9787 copygettingreadydetails copyIMG_9886-2 copy IMG_9922 copybridemakeup copyIMG_9898 copyIMG_9849-2 copy weddingdresscollage copyIMG_9866-2 copyIMG_9959 copyIMG_9968 copyashtyngettingready copy puttingontheweddingdress copyIMG_0037 copybrideandmother copyIMG_9989 copyIMG_9748 copyashtynbridalportrait copyIMG_0032 copyashtynbridalportraits2 copyIMG_9751 copygroomdetails copyIMG_0163 copyIMG_1385 copyfirstlookcollage copyIMG_0197 copyIMG_0211 copyIMG_0217 copyIMG_0434 copyIMG_1413 copyIMG_1418 copybridalportraits copyIMG_0277 copyIMG_0279 copybridalportraits2 copyIMG_0259 copybridalportraits3 copyIMG_0322 copybridalportraits4 copyashandwillIMG_0311 copyIMG_0463copyIMG_1498 copyIMG_0482 copyIMG_0486 copyIMG_0491 copyIMG_0596 copyIMG_0623 copybridalpartyportrait copyIMG_0592 copybridesmaidscollage

Pretty sure this bridal party belongs in a magazine! So gorgeous!IMG_0676 copyIMG_0749 copysisters copyIMG_0808-2 copy

^^One of my favorite shots of the day! And yes, traffic did stop for us. You can get away with a lot when there’s a wedding dress involved ;)
IMG_0824-2 copyIMG_0833 copy

IMG_0859-2 copyIMG_0865 copyIMG_0921 copyIMG_0873 copyIMG_0928 copybridalpartycollage copyIMG_1853 copybridesmaidandgroomsman copyashtynandwillcollage copybridalportraitscollage copyceremonycollage copyIMG_1626 copybeginningoftheceremony copyIMG_1665 copyIMG_1674 copyIMG_1718 copymemorialhallceremonydaytonohio copydadgivingawaybride copy

^^My favorite capture of the ceremony. Ashtyn and her dad are so sweet together! IMG_1798 copymemorialhallceremony copyIMG_1816 copybridalpartyceremony copyIMG_2034 copyIMG_1871 copyIMG_1899 copyfootwashingceremony copyIMG_2094 copyprayerandfirstkiss copyIMG_1914 copyIMG_2106 copyIMG_1921 copyIMG_2115 copyIMG_1934 copyIMG_1941 copy

Had to include all these aisle shots! They danced down to ‘happy’ and everyone loved it! IMG_1955 copy

Memorial Hall is too gorgeous of a venue to not grab some more bridal portraits :) ashtynbridalportraitashtynbridalportrait copyIMG_1457 copybridalportraits2 copyIMG_1519 copyIMG_1488 copybrideandgroomportrait copybridalportraits4 copyIMG_1541 copyIMG_2178 copyIMG_2182 copybrideandgroomreception copyIMG_2374 copyIMG_2380 copy

Such precious sisters. Tiffani spent the entire month writing sweet notes about Ashtyn on FaceBook, and she gave a beautiful matron of honor speech. The love these sisters have for each other is amazing. IMG_2274 copyIMG_2399 copyIMG_2291 copyIMG_2363 copyIMG_2367 copyfirstdancecollage copyIMG_2383-2 copyfatherdaughterdance copyIMG_2491 copyIMG_2420 copyIMG_2473 copyIMG_2305 copyIMG_2310 copyIMG_2337 copyIMG_2299 copyIMG_2323 copy

The light was perfect, and we had a three minute window, so we ran outside to grab a few sunset portraits! Will & Ashtyn – this was definitely the right choice ;) IMG_2136 copysunsetbridalportrait copyIMG_2148Untitled-1 copyIMG_2131 copyIMG_2277 copy

Then back inside for the dance party!!!IMG_2489 copyIMG_2496 copyIMG_2501 copyIMG_2504 copyIMG_2523 copyIMG_2544 copyIMG_2630 copyIMG_2601 copyIMG_2611 copyIMG_2640 copyIMG_2678-2 copyIMG_2569 copyIMG_2676-2 copy


2 responses

  1. Emma Grace at Tuttibella

    Such a gorgeous wedding! Beautiful photos, Chloe!

    June 25, 2014 at 3:53 pm

    • Thank you, love! I was so excited with how they came out :) They had a perfect day!

      June 25, 2014 at 3:54 pm

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