Wedding Photography {Josh & Amberlin – Troy, Ohio Wedding}

IMG_7083-2 copy

Despite the forecast, the rain stopped and the sun began to shine.  Amberlin wore her mother’s wedding dress, Josh looked dapper in his suit, and they were surrounded by the most loving and fun bridal party I have ever met! The reception was held in the backyard of Amberlin’s childhood home in a beautiful, historical part of Troy, Ohio. The decorations were hand-made, as was the cake, and the love that the guests had for this couple was beyond belief.  They are cherished and beloved by many, and it was a beautiful thing to step back and capture that. Josh and Amberlin, it was a true honor to be a part of your wedding day. I love your hearts for the Lord and the fact that you reflect Jesus in everything you do. I have no doubt that He has amazing plans to make you a powerful force for His kingdom as husband and wife.  You two bring joy and laughter wherever you go, and your wedding was no exception to that. So thankful for our friendship, and we are truly so excited for you both! We love you and hope you enjoy some of our favorite moments of your wedding day.

*A special thanks to my awesome husband and second-shooter: Tim! He captured some of my most favorite shots of this wedding, especially the candid and emotion-filled moments. You’re the best babe!

dresscollage IMG_6143 IMG_6172 IMG_6189IMG_6124girlsgettingready IMG_6311IMG_6279IMG_6342IMG_0076IMG_6483joshgettingreadyIMG_0189IMG_6181 IMG_6540 IMG_6556 IMG_6598-2 IMG_6620 IMG_6662-2 IMG_6680 IMG_6702 IMG_6708 IMG_6732 IMG_6763-2 IMG_6828 IMG_6880 IMG_6889amberlinbridalportraitIMG_6952 copyIMG_6967 copyIMG_6970 copyfirstlookcollageIMG_6988 copyIMG_7000 copyIMG_0308 copyOne of my favorites shot by Tim :) 
firstlookweddingcollageIMG_7026-2 copyIMG_7040 copyIMG_0272 copyIMG_7055 copyIMG_7073 copyIMG_7090 copyIMG_7117 copyIMG_7142 copyIMG_7149 copy

IMG_7354 copyIMG_7266 copyIMG_8654 copyIMG_0414 copybridesmaidgroomsmencollageIMG_0386 copyIMG_0412 copyIMG_7379 copyamberlinbridalportraitceremonycollageIMG_7732 copyIMG_7736 copyIMG_7781 copyIMG_7845 copyIMG_7901 copyceremonyweddingcollageIMG_0720 copyIMG_0741 copyIMG_7916 copyIMG_7925 copyceremonydetailsIMG_0827 copyIMG_0836 copyIMG_0837-2 copyIMG_8039 copyIMG_8050 copyIMG_8060 copyIMG_8103 copyIMG_8080 copyjoshandamberlinbridalportraitIMG_8139 copyIMG_0889 copyIMG_0912 copyoutdoorbrideandgroomIMG_8160 copyIMG_0899 copyIMG_8170 copyIMG_0907 copyIMG_8221 copyIMG_8247 copyIMG_8260-2 copyIMG_6931 9.20.25 PM copyIMG_8363 copyIMG_8380 copycakeandflowerscollagecuttingthecakecollageIMG_8289 copyreceptioncollageIMG_1078 copyIMG_8527 copyreceptioncollage2IMG_8380 copy2IMG_8626 copyIMG_1259 copyIMG_1149 copyIMG_1162 copyIMG_1136 copydancingwithdadIMG_1223 copyIMG_1227 copyIMG_1178 copydancingatreception2IMG_1187 copyIMG_1240 copyIMG_1276 copyIMG_1264 copydancingatreceptionIMG_1158 copy


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  1. Chloe these are SO precious!!!!

    June 3, 2014 at 9:19 pm

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