Christmas Eve 2013

One of my most favorite days of the whole year! The eve of CHRISTMAS! Enough said. :)

Tim and I exchanged our gifts and had our own mini Christmas celebration before we had to be at the church for Christmas Eve service practice. Tim woke up early to make a Christmas Eve breakfast feast of french toast, eggs and bacon! YUM. And then we exchanged presents :) I get a little carried away with wrapping Christmas presents (I was trained at a young age) so of course I made Tim take a picture to show off all my hard work ;) IMG_9141 IMG_9161 IMG_9164One of my most favorite gifts that Tim got me. For those of you that are ‘Friends’ fans, you will get the significance ;)


After that, we headed over to our friends, Chris and Lindsay’s house to visit their new baby girl! We had been praying for her for many months, and she is truly God’s precious gift to them. He even worked it out that they were able to adopt her in just TWO months. How amazing is that?! I gave you her story in a nutshell, but you have to read Lindsay’s blog to fully understand just how much God did to bring little Ellie to them. As a warning – you will need some tissues! Our God is SO good, and Ellie’s story is a true testament to that.  Of course I had to bring my camera along to grab a few snapshots of this little miracle. She is only a few days old in these pictures!! Such a sweetie already :) IMG_9185 IMG_9180 IMG_9169copyIMG_9190copy2 IMG_9176copy3After our visit with little Miss Ellie, we got ready for the Christmas Eve service at church. Tim always does such a great job of picking music and designing the service. This year was no exception. I am truly thankful for any opportunity to sing alongside him and worship our God together. Christmas Eve services have always been special to me, and I get overwhelmed thinking about how my Savior came down to earth as a baby – maybe even one as small as Ellie! – and set God’s plan of redemption and restoration into motion. He loved us so much that He made a way for us to be with Him forever. He made a way to save us from our sin, and to have a relationship with Him! It makes me even more excited for the day that we will get to be with Him in heaven forever.

Come, thou long expected Jesus. Come!



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