Jordan {Newborn}

A few months ago I had my first maternity shoot ever with Josh and Andi, so I was ecstatic when Andi contacted me about taking pictures of their new little sweetheart: Miss Jordan! She was a new year’s blessing, and I got to photograph her after only 9 days of life. What a joy! It was my first time doing a newborn shoot, and I LOVED it. One of my favorite parts was watching Josh and Andi, and how their love for Jordan filled the room. One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Enjoy this glimpse into their little family and welcome baby Jordan! :)

collage2 IMG_1501-2retouchedcollage1IMG_1482-2retouchedIMG_1998cropcollage3IMG_1737-2collage4IMG_1898 copyIMG_2083 copy2collage5IMG_1632-2retouchedcollage6IMG_1723copyIMG_1983copy2IMG_1661retouched2


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