Best of 2013 // A Year of Firsts

2013 was a ground-breaking year for Chloe Luka Photography! I received my first DSLR in June, started Chloe Luka Photography in September, and by December I had the privilege of capturing anniversaries, babies, seniors, families, portraits, weddings, and maternity. I almost titled this blog 2013: A Year of Growth, because as I looked over the shoots I have done, it’s amazing to see the steps I have taken in just 6 months. You will probably notice (if you take the time to scroll through the ridiculous amount of pictures) that I’m still finding my photography style. Although it is still in the making, I feel closer to where I want to be, and absolutely loved how my last photo shoot of the year turned out. It has been a crazy, exciting and wonderful adventure, and I truly believe I have found my life passion.

A truly sincere thanks to each and every person who has trusted me to capture memories for them this past year. Thank you for going out on a limb and giving me a chance. Thank you for believing in me, encouraging me, and challenging me to learn and grow. You all are my dream come true, and I am so thankful that I was able to work with you!

IMG_0922deardencollage2IMG_0894IMG_1575 copy2 IMG_1938copy IMG_1707 copy IMG_2185copydeardencollage1IMG_0950copy IMG_2206copy IMG_2674 copy2 IMG_3127 IMG_3325 IMG_3920copyIMG_4359final IMG_4399 finalcopy IMG_4408finaledit IMG_4459 finalcopyIMG_4619copy IMG_4626copy IMG_4695copy raglecollage1IMG_9502 copy IMG_9555 copyfirstcollageIMG_4565 IMG_4598copyIMG_4575copy IMG_4677copy2IMG_5635 copy5 IMG_4708 copy3 IMG_5058 copy IMG_5635 copy5hawkinscollage IMG_0134 copy IMG_9912copy2 IMG_9995 copy2sincockcollage1-2IMG_6047 copy2 IMG_6983 copysincockcollage3 IMG_7358IMG_7082 copy IMG_7416 copy IMG_7475 copy sincockcollage2IMG_0569copy IMG_0658 copy4 IMG_1180copy IMG_1223copy IMG_1291copy3 IMG_1321copy4 IMG_1597copyIMG_5625 copy IMG_5814copy IMG_6114copy IMG_6264 copy2 IMG_6350copy IMG_6539 copy copyIMG_5520 copy IMG_6293copy copyseniorscollage1IMG_8674copy2 IMG_8856copy savannah collage 1IMG_5816copy4collage1 IMG_5888copy7 IMG_5922copy3 IMG_6001 copy IMG_6099 IMG_6130babcockcollage1 IMG_4930 copy IMG_5156 copyIMG_5090 copy IMG_6713 copybabcockcollage2IMG_6369 copy3 IMG_6664copy2IMG_6490 copy3 IMG_6688copy5tyzzercollage TyzzerWeddingGettingReady (199) TyzzerWeddingGettingReadyDetails (111)TyzzerWeddingGettingReady (207) TyzzerWeddingGettingReady (173) TyzzerWeddingQCeremony (167a) (3)TyzzerWeddinguBridalPortraits (2)collage10 collage14TyzzerWeddingTheBridalParty (69)TyzzerWeddingTheBridalParty (46)collage23collage8 collage15collage18 collage22 collage25 TyzzerWeddinguBridalPortraits (105) TyzzerWeddinguBridalPortraits (130) TyzzerWeddinguBridalPortraits (193)TyzzerWeddingTheBridalParty (77c) TyzzerWeddinguBridalPortraits (224) TyzzerWeddinguBridalPortraits (254)chasteencollage1 IMG_6940 copy IMG_6970copy6 IMG_6989 copy5chasteencollage2 IMG_6941 copy3 IMG_7012 copy4 IMG_7042copy2 IMG_7050 copy IMG_7076 copy IMG_7105 copy3 IMG_7125 copy5 IMG_7245copy3 IMG_7276copy2


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