Fourth of July Festivities

So here we are, playing catch-up again! What can I say, life gets busy :)

Hubs & I decided to take a spontaneous road-trip to visit his sister and brother-in-law, who had just moved to North Carolina! I have always loved the Carolina’s, and since we were able to take Friday off, it turned out to be a wonderful long weekend for us. We were so excited to spend time with Danika & Ryan. They just got married this spring, so we were looking forward to getting to know Ryan better, and spending time together as couples. I’ve known Danika for many years, even before the time that Hubs & I were dating, and whenever we are together it feels as though no time has past. I am so thankful that God gave her to me as a sister, and I have learned so much from her spiritual example and genuine, open heart. I treasure any time I get with her, and this weekend was no exception. I could tell that Hubs greatly enjoyed some time with Ryan, and the four of us had a great time exploring North Carolina together!

On Thursday Ryan and Hubs went golfing, while Dax and I stayed home and caught up with each other. Then we went to a local park with a picnic lunch. After we ate the boys made their own disc golf course, while I practiced some portrait shots with Danika. (look for that in our next post!) It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and we loved soaking up the sun!

IMG_9820After the park, we went to see Despicable Me 2, which we loved! Hubs and I love ourselves a good animated movie, and it was even more fun to enjoy with Dax and Ryan. Later that night we enjoyed a local Thai restaurant, and then headed back to the apartment for some of Danika’s homemade berry-pie. We chose to forego seeing fireworks for this fourth, as we all determined it was not worth a crazy-long drive, and being stuck in hours of traffic just to see them.

The next morning we woke up early to pack for THE BEACH! I am a complete beach bum at heart and was so excited to spend a whole day there. Ohio is not exactly a place that you go for a sunny vacation, so I could not wait to get onto the sand! Unfortunately, as soon as we found our perfect spot on the beach, it began to POUR. We packed up our picnic and ran to the car to finish eating, just as the sky cleared up. We finished eating from the safety of the car, and then spent the rest of the day relaxing at the beach. Danika & Ryan had bought boogie boards a few weeks ago, and couldn’t wait for us to try them. I will admit, that I am not what you would call a ‘water loving’ person. When I think beach, I think tanning, napping, and tanning some more. Whereas my Hubs thinks water sports, waves, and more water. So I was glad that Danika was there to have fun in the water with him. However, I did give boogie-boarding a try, and even went out into the waves with Hubs, for at least 15 minutes! (This is a great feat for me.) But mainly, Ryan and I stayed on the beach reading and catching some sun, while the siblings boogie-boarded for hours. Here are a few pictures I took from our time together!
IMG_0141 copy IMG_0143 copy IMG_0134 copy IMG_0119 copy IMG_0117 copy IMG_0082 copy IMG_0070 IMG_0062 copy IMG_0044 copy IMG_0030IMG_0026 copy

IMG_0199^^ Don’t they look like models in this picture?! So beautiful. ^^

After we had soaked up the sun and the waves, we went to a local seafood restaurant for dinner. It was delicious, and we were able to eat right out on the water!

The next morning we visited a local breakfast cafe, famous for it’s apple-cider donuts (I definitely had my fair share of those!), and then we hit up North Carolina’s most challenging mini-golf course. It definitely gave us a run for our money, and I think even Tim & Ryan (the golfing pros) enjoyed themselves!

All in all it was a great, unexpected weekend. It made me so thankful for this part of our family, and the friendship that we are beginning to grow. Danika & Ryan are an amazing couple, whose love for the Lord is so evident in everything that they do. Selfishly, I wish they lived closer to us so that we could have more time together, and I love the way that they challenge and encourage us in our faith. I am confident that the Lord has incredible things in store for them as a couple, and I cannot wait to see how He will choose to use them.

IMG_0234 copyWe hope you all had a fabulous fourth! Be sure to check in soon for a preview of Danika’s photo-shoot :)


The Luka’s


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