Landoll’s Castle

Memorial Day was a special treat for hubs and I, as it was one of the first times we were able to go away for a night! Since I work on Fridays when he has off, and he works Sundays when I have off, we don’t really have true weekends for such getaways. (Which makes the ones we DO get even more awesome!) By the luck of the Google search engine, we stumbled upon a CASTLE in OHIO. Normally, this would be considered an oxymoron, so of course, we had to investigate it! The reviews were 50/50..some raving, others hating. Therefore, we decided to determine it for ourselves, and booked a night in the Lawrence Suite at Landoll’s Castle.

Here is our review (complete with pictures!) for you, our readers :)

Location: 9

  • It took us about 3 hours to get there from Dayton, and we can vouch for the fact that it is literally in the middle of nowhere! The winding road to get to the castle is a bit bumpy, but that adds to the rustic aura of the castle. While some may not like this, we loved the fact that it was so quiet and looked like it was dropped in the middle of an enchanted forest.



Amenities: 7

  • The closest local activities were some restaurants that were a bit of a drive, and horse back riding stables. I was completely bummed that they were all closed for Memorial Day, so you bet that we will be taking advantage of those on our next visit!
  • At the castle, they have:
    • Pretty walking paths
    • A tower you could climb to see the grounds
    • Carriage rides!! (Hubs surprised me with this one! and yes, you do have to pay for them)
    • A pool and hot tub (which were a little sketchy-looking)
    • Massages (that you would pay an extravagant price for)
    • Board games at the front desk
    • Wifi and TV’s in the rooms

Climbing up the tower to see the grounds!


A view from the top!


Some of the gardens


Enjoying our walk to dinner :)

Food: 8.5

  • There is a little restaurant associated with the castle where you can go for dinner, and we enjoyed the food there! It was not the best meal we had ever had, but far from the worst. We both agreed that dessert was our favorite part of the meal! Tim loved his pecan pie with ice cream, and I would highly recommend the cheesecake. They offer a continental breakfast with the room you pay for, and give lunch options (which we decided against.)

Room: 9.5

  • We absolutely LOVED the suite we stayed in. As you can see from the pictures, there was a front sitting area with a window seat and beautiful rustic chandelier, complete with a kitchenette! The king bed was great, and we adored the stone fireplace in the middle of the room. (Definitely appealed to my Colorado man :) The bathroom was luxurious with heated tile floors, a jacuzzi tub and ornate decor. I wanted to steal the mirror for my bathroom at home! A unique bonus was the Celtic music that was playing when we entered our suite. It made me feel like I had just stepped into a Renaissance movie as the princess of the castle, so of course, I loved it!

Our immediate view when we walked in


Bedroom area. Check out the amazing ceilings!!!




Private patio entrance outside our suite

Friendliness of Staff: 8

  • We were disappointed to find that check-out was at 11am the next day, since we didn’t get there until the afternoon the day before, but the lady at the front desk offered to extend it a little longer for us, which we appreciated.
  • Tim explained to one of the staff members that he had arranged the carriage ride as a surprise to me, and to put it bluntly, she ruined the surprise. It wasn’t a huge deal, but it was disappointing since Tim had explained to her in advance what he was trying to do.
  • The lady that took care of us at the restaurant was kind. A little forgetful, but kind :)

Cleanliness: 9

  • The castle is rustic. If you don’t like the outdoors, or old-world places, then this is not the place for you. Tim & I love this kind of atmosphere, with him being from Colorado, and because I am naturally obsessed with anything that makes me feel like a princess, no matter the time period. We both love history and appreciate the outdoors (him more than I :) so it was a great combination for us. The bathrooms, the rooms and the restaurant were clean and well-maintained. There are a few paths that need some updating, and the pool area was a little run-down but it didn’t bother us.

Overall: 8.5

  • We will most definitely be returning to Landoll’s Castle. We loved our stay at this hidden gem! We loved the uniqueness of the location, and plan to stay in every single room in the castle, because each one is different. It was a great fit for us, and we would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a quick, relaxing getaway. :)



The Luka’s


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