Wedding Features

As mentioned previously, I’m a picture fanatic. So when we chose our wedding photographers, it took months of research and excel charts of pros and cons for us to narrow down the best we could find in our area. My mum and I put so much hard work, time and effort into pulling off the wedding of my dreams, that I wanted to be sure it would be captured well, so that we could remember every detail.

As a result, our wedding has already been featured in a few different wedding publications to give future brides inspiration as they plan! I was so excited and honored that our wedding was chosen, and wanted to share them on our blog as well.

The first feature was from, which is one of the world’s leading wedding media and services companies. (YAY!) Check it out!

The second feature was from Maggie Sottero- the designer of my wedding dress, and one of the most recognized and sought after bridal gown manufacturers in the world. Here it is!

Hope you enjoy looking through them! It was a perfectly magical day, and I’m so honored that it can be shared with readers all over the world!



The Luka’s


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